Video – How does Aikido look? (more advanced)

So you watched our video on a beginner class and wonder what Aikido looks like with people who have practiced for many years.
Some of the senior students at Twin Cities Aikido Center provide here a sample session of randori— one student  responding to multiple attackers at perhaps half speed, trying to show different techniques that might be done in a class, but more importantly, keeping calm and focused on responding to the attack and completing a throw or pin.
The following is the result of that session.

2 thoughts on “Video – How does Aikido look? (more advanced)”

  1. I am looking forward to training with you guys next week. I’m only going to be there Monday through Friday, Wednesday night taking a ride to Janesville to see my Aunt, but after work, I’ll be there. Thank you for the call back and your open invitation.
    Domo Arigato,
    Art san

  2. I am a college student at NCC and will be moving to st. paul soon and i am beyond excited to join this excellent Center. I have very little experience in Aikido however what i have learned actually saved me in a situation. I’m extremely happy that I have found a Martial Art that proved extremely useful and did not involve seriously injuring someone. Once I am settled in my new place I cannot WAIT to train with you all.

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