Video – What is a basic class like?

Thanks for your interest in aikido and in considering TCAC for your training. You are always welcome to visit the dojo and observe a class in person but this video will give you an idea what a typical class would look like. All of us at Twin Cites remember walking through that front door for the first time. Even the ‘old hands’ are still learning.

Ettiquete is important in all martial arts and we begin class by bowing in, first towards the Founder, then to the instructor (sensei).

Our warm-up is almost exclusively stretching and balanced movement. If you’d hoped for pushups on your knuckles or running in the snow, that’s not us.

Methods of falling safely, called ukemi, are next. This is a skill you may well use outside of the dojo since accidental falls are a leading cause of injury/death in the U.S. New students will likely be taken aside from the class to learn ukemi basics, then re-join the group.

The instructor will demonstrate a technique, perhaps in several ways, and then students pair up to practice. After a few minutes, sensei will review the technique, perhaps expand on it or move to another attack and defense.

Classes usually run an hour and end as they began, by bowing towards the Founder, then sensei. Some classes ‘circle up’ to thank all our practice partners at once.

Please explore the website and you’ll find many of your questions answered. Stop in to chat w/ any of us—we’ll be happy to fill in any blanks. Again, thanks for your interest in Twin Cities Aikido Center. See you on the mat!

2 thoughts on “Video – What is a basic class like?”

  1. Hi, I’d like to come to a beginner class, which class at what time do you recommend? I am not new to aikido but I have not practiced it for 10 years and would like to relearn.

    Thanks for your response in advance!

    1. The beginner classes are on Tuesdays or Thursdays. However, if that doesn’t fit your schedule, you can come to any of the classes marked “basic” on the schedule. Hope to see you on the mat!

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