Techniques Explanation (Images,Video)


The following are a visual representation of some of the stances and attacks. Note that this is only to aid in remembering the techniques. It is not a substitute for going to class and actually practicing.
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Gyaku Hanmi Katatetori  Tsuki (Video)
Ai Hanmi Katatetori  Shomenuchi (Video)
Morotetori Yokemenuchi (Video)
Ryotetori Ushiro Tekubitori
Katatori Ushiro Ryokatatori
RyoKatatori Happo Undo Exercise (Video)
  How to Tie your Belt (Video)

(Gyaku Hanmi) Katatetori      Ka ta’ te to ri

Same side foot is forward. Same side hand grabs partner.

p1010039_modsc p1010040_modsc

Ai Hanmi Katatetori

Cross foot and cross hand.

p1010044_modsc p1010047_modsc

Morotetori     Mo ro’ te to ri

Two hands grab one wrist. The hand uppermost on nage’s arm matches the forward foot.

p1010049_modsc p1010050_modsc
p1010051_modsc p1010052_modsc

Ryotetori    Ri o’ te to ri

Two hands grab two wrists

p1010053_modsc p1010054_modsc

Ushiro Tekubitori    U shi’ ro   Te ku bi to’ ri

Two hands grab two wrists from behind

p1010062_modsc p1010061_modsc

Katatori      Ka’ ta tori

shoulder grab

p1010063_modsc p1010064_modsc

RyoKatatori       Ri o Ka’ ta tori

grab two shoulders from the front

p1010065_modsc p1010066_modsc

Ushiro Ryokatatori

Two hands grab shoulders from behind


Tsuki (video)


Shomenunchi (video)

Strike to top of the head

Yokomenuchi (video)

Strike to side of the head

Happo Undo (video)

8 direction exercise

How to Tie your Belt (video)

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