Visual Reference and Demonstrations

See also our Beginner Class Video and our Advanced Students Randori Video
We have the 13-count and 31-count jo katas here
In the Youth Section, we have some images and videos on some basic stances and techniques here


During our 2015 Spring Seminar, John Chiarolanzio demonstrated some randori  techniques

Also, Harvey discussed and John demonstrated what he expected on Dan tests for the Jo and for randori

During our 2015 Spring Seminar, John Chiarolanzio taught the 3rd Bokken kata. There is a short 40 second video of the final form, and longer 10 minute version breaking down the steps
3rd Bokken Kata – Final Form 40 seconds

3rd Bokken Kata – 10 minutes of John’s teaching


Donovan Waite explains chudan (middle level block), gedan [pronounced with a hard g, as in “get”] (downward block underneath the arm), jôdan (upper block)

John Chiarolanzio showed us a Bokken Kata during our 2014 Spring Seminar. He built it up piece by piece with explanations. Here is the final kata.


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