Youth Testing

About Youth Testing

Testing is about showing that you understand the spirit of Aikido exercises and techniques and understand how they work. You need to know the Japanese terms so you are able to perform a technique when it is called out to you during the test. It is not a competition and you are not required to test. Over time requirements may change but you will always be well prepared before you take a test. Successful testing earns the right to wear a colored belt as shown below under Kyu Rank Promotion Steps.

Testing is generally offered a number of times a year, this year in May, September, and December and is run by our Youth Program Instructors. It is very important that your dues are current and that you have reached the required number of hours in order to test.

The test is structured on the student’s demonstration of a happy and focused Aikido spirit, knowledge of required techniques, and physical proficiency. Students are evaluated on the following points:

  • Cooperation and conduct throughout the examination with the test examiner, partners, and all participants.
  • The ability to follow directions appropriately.
  • Demonstration of enthusiasm, concentration, and awareness throughout the examination.
  • The ability to adapt your movement with your partner’s movement.
  • Demonstration of continuously performing a technique on both right and left sides, until asked to stop.

Here is a PDF of the Youth Test Requirements as of 2017-03-13

Kyu Rank Promotion Steps

Hours required since last promotion, for

  • 10C, 10B, and 10A Kyu tests – 20 days (Yellow belt)
  • 9C, 9B, and 9A Kyu tests – 30 days (Orange belt)
  • 8C, 8B, 8A Kyu tests – 40 days (Green belt)

Please ask your instructor for requirements beyond 8th Kyu.

  • Information about your current rank and hours is available on your attendance or registration sheet.
  • Please check the correct spelling of your name and that the correct rank is shown.
  • Please inform your instructor that you wish to test at least three weeks before the test date.
  • Your monthly dues must be current prior to the examination date.
  • Your examination fees must be submitted prior to the examination date.

Test/Certificate Fees:

To be paid with application, at least two weeks before the test date. (Kyu and fee shown).

10th/$6 9th/$8 8th/$10 7th/$12

For your convenience, here is a PDF of the Youth Test Application. It has fillable fields, but you’ll still have to circle the rank and sign it.

There are no refunds if you miss or do not pass the test.

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