Tech Notes

For dojo closings, change Admin
Appearance|Customize|Widgets: Content Sidebar
You may have to wait a few beats for the widgets to appear at the bottom.
Open the “Widgets: content Sidebar” and then select and edit the “Text: Recent Updates” widget.

Copy the text from another notice, paste it at the top of the list of notices, and make it red. [style=”color:navy” change to style=”color:red”]

An example message:
– – – – – – – –
<h2 style=”color:red”>Dojo is closed Jan 15, 2014</h2>

Due to inclement weather the dojo will be closed Jan 15, 2014. It will re-open on the regular schedule the following day unless otherwise noted here.
– – – – – – – –
Do not include the hyphens and update the date 2 places. In the red heading, and in the body of the message. Don’t confuse everyone. Remember to turn off the closing notice after the day has passed.

Example video


Testing out a media search plugin that will actually search for text within the image captions. Try it here:

Form for a replacement Yudansha book or certificate. Must fill it out and get it to Vickie:
Replacement Yudansha book-certificate xls_icon

Friday Night: Kokyu Dosa Explanation 3:50

Friday Night: Open Hand Tsuki 7:13

Friday Night: Tsuki Tanto 6:30

Saturday Morning: TynoHenko 7:13

Saturday Morning: Front Roll from Tenkan, Irimi, Tenshin, Kaiten 3:11

Saturday Morning: Ikkyu 2:37

Saturday Afternoon: Suari Waza Shomenuchi Ikkyu, Nikkyo, Sankyo 5:04

Saturday Afternoon: Taichi Waza Ikkyu, Sankyo 3:20

Saturday Afternoon: Ryotetori Kokyunage 1:10

Sunday Morning: Tsuki Stances and position terminology and how it relates to Jo 1:11

Sunday Morning: Ryotetori/Jo Shohonage – including differences betweeen teaching beginners and senior students 3:13

Sunday Morning: Yokomenuchi Shohonage 2:21

Sunday Morning: Tsuki/Jo Kokyunage Mae Ukemi and Ushiro Ukemi 4:47

Sunday Morning: KokyuDosa – including differences betweeen teaching beginners and senior students 5:00

Aikido practice in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota